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Effective Group Decision-Making Techniques

Effective Group Decision-Making Techniques



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Group Decision-Making

When managed correctly, group decision-making—an inherently inclusive process—is one of the most successful ways to make effective decisions. It can help:

  • Generate buy-in from stakeholders by involving them from the beginning
  • Build consensus by inclusively consider...

If managed incorrectly, group decision-making can result in poor business outcomes. A flawed group decision-making facilitation process might:

  • Trivialize or replace high-priority tasks with lower priority tasks, resulting in collective procrastination
  • ...

The RAPID Framework

  • Bain and Company’s RAPID Decision-Making Model can help organizations make better decisions when multiple stakeholders are involved. RAPID clarifies decision accountability.
  • Each letter in the word RAPID signifies a group member’s role during the decision-making proc...

The Nominal Group Technique (NGT) relies on a moderator who records ideas produced during a group or individual brainstorming session. Group members discuss their ideas with the moderator, who compiles a list of all the ideas.

Participants or a panel of decision-makers ...

The Delphi Technique

The Delphi Technique is similar to NGT but instead of in-person discussion, it relies on questionnaires to gather information and insights from a group of anonymous individuals.

The questionnaires are delivered in rounds and the questions in each round are determined by...

  1. Frame the decision. Framing a decision sets the overall context. To do this effectively, leaders should critically examine the overall issue they face.
  2. Generating alternatives. Once leaders have framed the problem and understood the context, they sho...

Improving the Group Decision-Making Process

  • Involve all employees.
  • Keep it anonymous. If employees feel that their responses can identify them, they are more likely to withhold their true opinions due to fear of retribution.
  • Beware of non-proven techniques. Some methods of conducting group decision-making create barrie...

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