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Happiness at the workplace


Top Performers Have a Superpower: Happiness

Top Performers Have a Superpower: Happiness


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Happiness And Success

The toll that working through the global pandemic has taken on employees’ job satisfaction and emotional well-being has focused business leaders on fostering workforce happiness as never before. While many — if not most — of us are motivated by genuine caring for the people who power our organiza...

The Long Term Research On Happiness

Not only do happiness and optimism matter to employee performance, but they matter a lot, and both predict how well employees will do. The research highlights the competitive advantage that employee happiness offers businesses. There are some things about employee happiness that every bu...

Defining Happiness

What really is happiness? The behavioural science literature often refers to happiness as subjective well-being because the meaning of happiness varies in different contexts. As with most concepts that emerge from psychology, definitions vary, but when it comes to happiness, they general...

The Reasons For Happiness

Some people just seem happier, and researchers have looked closely at heritability (factors we’re born with) and how our environment shapes our happiness. Research suggests that heritability accounts for about 40% while 60% is attributed to other factors, especially life experiences.


The relative importance of some of those environmental factors has shifted recently.

The “World Happiness Report 2021” noted that within the workplace, happiness before the pandemic was largely due to employees’ sense of belonging within an organization and among coworkers, the flexibility...

The Importance Of Money

Not surprisingly, money matters to employee happiness too — but research has shown that is chiefly for those employees who indicated that money is important to them.

In a recent study, the relationship between income and happiness was over four times greater for people who reported that mo...

A Happy Workplace

Within the workplace, we know that happier employees are more likely to emerge as leaders, earn higher scores on performance evaluations, and tend to be better teammates. We also know, based on substantial research, that happier employees are healthier, have lower rates of absenteeism, are highly...

Enhancing Employee Happiness: Measure Happiness in Both Employees and Job Candidates

While happiness should be placed ahead of the knowledge, skills, or talent needed for a job, we conservatively advocate using measures of happiness and optimism as discriminators, or tiebreakers, because the risks are low and the benefits could be important.  Many organizations already use a vari...

Beyond hiring, employee happiness should also be a consideration when measuring organizational performance. Yes, objective performance still matters greatly. But, while a high-performing division within a company may bring short-term profit, if that performance was driven by toxic leadership and ...

Enhancing Employee Happiness: 
Develop Happiness In Your Workforce

Given all the training and development requirements placed on most organizations, the thought of actively trying to develop happier employees may initially seem daunting, time-consuming, and expensive. However, the academic literature repeatedly shows that training initiatives targeting employee ...

Enhancing Employee Happiness: Retain Employees Who Are Happy

The pandemic has reminded us of some tough realities, namely that organizations can contract in turbulent times just as fast as they expand when the economy is booming.

  • Organizations need happy employees because happiness is in fact contagious.
  • Like happiness, un

Employee well-being initiatives work best when confident leaders present the material and when senior leaders place significant emphasis on the overall effort. Leaders must be willing to invest their efforts into making the initiatives successful by not only advocating for them — for example, by ...

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Remote working has blurred the line between work and life. This article talks about the contributions of research and sharing it with employers in order to assist their employees' needs better. Leaders now view well-being not just as an employee benefit but as an opportunity to support employees in all aspects of their personal and work lives.



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