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Remote working has blurred the line between work and life. This article talks about the contributions of research and sharing it with employers in order to assist their employees' needs better. Leaders now view well-being not just as an employee benefit but as an opportunity to support employees in all aspects of their personal and work lives.


The Future Of Work Is Employee Well-Being

The Future Of Work Is Employee Well-Being


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The Importance of Employee Well-being

These days, many organizations and companies are focusing on their employees' well-being because we've now realized its importance. 

Workers' well-being is a key factor in determining an organization's long-term effectiveness because it develops workplace resilience.

Many are now offe...

The Seven Pillars of Holistic Employee Well-being

Future Workplace, a research-based firm, has identified the seven pillars of employee well-being in order to guide leaders on how to prioritize each workers' needs.

  1. Physical Well-being
  2. Career Well-being
  3. Financial Well-being
  4. Social Well-being
  5. Community We...

Companies that are forward-thinking emphasize the value of everyday practices in improving one's physical well-being. 

Standing up for short meetings, getting more sleep, and keeping track of what and when you eat are just a few of the behaviors that might help you feel better physically.

Increased compensation, enhanced learning & development programs, new internal talent mobility opportunities, and online coaching and resilience training to help employees deal with massive disruptions and new ways of working are some of the policies that employers are implementing to retain work...

An Employee Financial Well-being Survey found finances to be the top cause of employee stress above their job, their health, and their relationships combined.

Employees who have experienced significant financial stress as a result of the pandemic are four times more likely to confess that t...

According to the American Psychological Association's "Stress in America 2021" study, 61 percent of those surveyed had gained weight since the pandemic began, and 65 percent of those aged 18 to 23 have felt very lonely as a result of the pandemic. 

Employee Resource Groups (ERG) were formed...

Employees' ties to their employer, their local community, and the planet will be strengthened if they are given opportunities to participate in their community. 

According to Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose, a global coalition of multibillion-dollar corporations, 66% of member compan...

People are suffering their highest levels of stress since the beginning of the epidemic,according to a study, with several stress-related symptoms such as alterations in sleep and increased alcohol intake. 

One out of every five workers polled believes their mental health is worse than it w...

Employees increasingly desire to work for a firm whose values align with their own, and purpose grounds organizations in a set of principles. 

Employees' desire to work for firms that share their values will be a key factor in deciding on a new employment. New hires expect their employer to...

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