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Wordle: New York Times changes upset fans

Wordle: New York Times changes upset fans


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Wordle: New York Times changes upset fans

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Changes In The Popular Word Game

Wordle moved from its original web address to one run by the New York Times (NYT) last weekend and some players are not happy.

Those still playing the daily word game on the original website - because they downloaded it or have not refreshed their browser - are getting different words to solve from the NYT version.

That is because the paper has removed five-letter words it deemed offensive.

But it has denied the other big fans' complaint - that it has got harder.


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No More Five Letter Swear Words

The game, which asks players to find a five-letter word each day with clues along the way, has grown in popularity from fewer than 100 players in November to millions by the end of January.

The NYT denied any changes to gameplay, but it did admit that it was in the process of removing "offensive words" which included whore, slave and wench from both the list of acceptable guesses and the answers.


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Wordle isn't fun since the New York Times took over. Is it just me?


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Like the rest of the world, I have been playing wordle for a few days, it has been growing on me. It made me curious as to why it's such a hit. Turns out it's a combination of multiple things.