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LinkedIn: 6 Things to Keep in Mind When Connecting With Someone You Don't Know

LinkedIn: 6 Things to Keep in Mind When Connecting With Someone You Don't Know


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Don’t comment on their photo

One of the most common and unfortunate mistakes with a new contact is commenting on their photo or physical appearance. LinkedIn is not the platform for this, even if the compliment was made with pure intention.

There are other better aspects of a profile to comment upon to...

There’s nothing worse than receiving a connection request from what seems like an automated robot.

When connecting with someone you’ve never met, it’s helpful to personalize your initial message towards the recipient. This doesn’t mean you need to write them an entire letter, but you shoul...

  • Time is valuable for the business-minded users of LinkedIn, and cutting to chase will be appreciated by your busy audience.
  • Let the contact know who you are and what you are looking for right out the gate, whether it be a demo of your services or advice in your field.
  • Being ...

Providing multiple avenues of contact on your LinkedIn profile does a world of good for your page.

Listing your email, phone number, etc., on your profile increases the chance your requests are accepted. In addition, it adds legitimacy that you are a real person who is open to business opp...

Before reaching out to any new contact, remember that the prospective connection will almost certainly scan your post history and profile.

Even if someone hasn’t actively commented on your post or looked at your profile, they still can see some of your past activity. So, it never hurts to f...

It can be a bit off-putting to ask for something of value before providing anything of worth to a connection.

Getting around this is difficult but not impossible. It can be as little as an insight into a recent post or an idea for collaboration. This moves you from the needy categorization...

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