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6 Ways to Write a Better To-Do List and Get More Done

6 Ways to Write a Better To-Do List and Get More Done



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"If you confront yourself each day with reminders of only the least enjoyable parts of your job, it’ll probably wind up sapping your motivation to come to work"

Consider adding a sentence to every task on your to-do list that explains the value of completing that task. If you can ...

One of the most common problems with to-do lists is that they’re overwhelming. When you’re constantly adding new to-dos to your list as they pop into your head, you often end up with dozens or hundreds of to-dos.

Deleting low-value, no-value, and nice-to-do tasks from your list helps you cr...

If you’ve deleted all of your no/low-value and nice-to-have tasks from your to-do list and still find it overwhelming, consider using one of the following prioritization techniques to create an individual to-do list for each week or day:

MITs – Zen to Done’s Leo Babauta rec...

One of the quickest ways to get overwhelmed when looking at your to-do list is to have a list filled with monstrous tasks that will take weeks to complete.

  • conduct keyword research
  • conduct competitive research
  • audit and catalog ...

"What do I actually think that I will do today?"Asking that question changes how you approach creating a to-do list for the day. Instead of planning based on what you hope to accomplish, you plan based on what you believe you actually will accomplish, which helps you cr...

So if you find you’re not getting enough done because you forget what you’ve planned for the day—or you’re wasting time looking at your to-do list over and over during the day try drawing it instead.

If drawing isn’t your strong suit, you can also try using a mind mapping tool.The visual na...

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