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Self discipline is a skill you need to learn to conquer your life and be the best version of yourself that you strive to be and reach those goals you wish to achieve.


Mastering Self Discipline

Mastering Self Discipline


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When you wake up in the morning, a little voice in your head might tell you to lie back down. “Just for 5 more minutes.”,it might say. The ability to push away that temptation and actually getting up and doing something productive – that is self discipline!

Discipline is about putting your...

Discipline is about resisting/overcoming short term temptations to put all our effort and hard work into the long term goals that actually matter. When you develop the ability to resist those feelings, you provide yourself with a sense of fulfillment and happiness, something that will continuousl...

Just like every self improvement skill, it is important to acknowledge and accept your shortcomings.

When you accept within yourself that you need to make changes, it motivates your mind into doing better and pushing yourself further outside your comfort zone.

While looking over your...

When you resist temptations around you, you build a stronger willpower. But expecting yourself to have a strong goal oriented vision within 2 days is unrealistic. Having that level of self control is a skill that is honed with a lot of training over a long time.

Developing self discipline i...

• When you go to bed, keep away devices that will keep you in bed in the morning. Instead of setting an alarm on your phone,get an actual alarm clock.

• While studying/working, keep away from distractions, turn everything off except for what you’re actually working on.

Having distrac...

Sometimes, simply having a goal in mind doesn’t help. At times, it’s important to have a step by step plan of the grand map towards your goal.

Whether you actually write down each step of the map or simply store it in one corner of your brain, it is important to have a plan of action and a...

Making discipline a habit, and developing self discipline via daily habits is the most easiest way to master it.

When you make it an everyday thing your subconscious self will not allow you to push it off for some other time.

A point to note is that the hardest part of having a routin...

Don't let yourself slack off. The urge to slack off comes when you're unable to have a strong hold on your discipline. But know that it is not an overnight skill, you need to learn to push off urges to relax and laze.

Self discipline is about acting on your thoughts, do not let your feeling...

At the same time, it's important to learn to distinguish between pushing through and overworking yourself.

Don't let yourself fall down the path that eventually you start hating what you're doing. You should still be able to enjoy what you do and it should bring you some form of happiness.

Once in a while, reward yourself. When you complete an exceptionally difficult task, when you push yourself a little harder than other days, when you let go of comfort and work instead. Reward yourself to thank yourself for being a better person.

Know that occasionally rewarding yourself is...

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