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648 - NO EXCUSES with Jocko Willink

648 - NO EXCUSES with Jocko Willink

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Universal life lessons

Jocko Willink is a podcaster, author, and retired United States Navy SEAL. He hosts the Jocko Podcast.

Common life lessons:

  • Look at the positive in every situation
  • Take small steps to reach a bigger goal
  • Take full responsibility for your life


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Spend more time producing than consuming

Spend more time producing than consuming

It’s good to consume podcasts or videos that educate you, but don’t spend all your time-consuming information. Make time to produce your own podcast, videos, etc.

You have to make sure it’s not a deficit where all you’re doing is consuming and you’re not producing anything

You don’t have to stay the same person your entire life: As a kid, Jocko was super rebellious and didn’t care much for school or learning. Now, he’s incredibly disciplined and spends a lot of his time reading and writing books.


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Don’t chase short-term highs.

Don’t chase short-term highs.

Do things that will benefit and improve your life in the long run. The short-term gratification is not a long-term success and it’s not long-term happiness.

Take ownership of your life: But how do you take ownership when something horrible happens to someone else, like your child getting cancer? Take ownership of how you respond to it.

Just because you’ve adapted and moved on with your life, it doesn’t mean their loss didn’t matter or you forgot about them. It means you accepted the reality that they are no longer alive and they can continue to live in your memory


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Whenever trying something new, be humble and ready to learn

Whenever trying something new, be humble and ready to learn

Don’t use age as an exercise not to learn or try something new: Jocko started a podcast in his 40s, he got into archery recently.

As a leadership consultant, Jocko doesn’t just walk into a new business and tell them how they can run it better. He spends time asking questions and learning about their different problems. Only then does he give advice.

If you want to become a better leader, be more humble. If you’re humble, you’ll listen to other people and take responsibility for things that went wrong instead of blaming other people.


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If I recognize that someone has no humility and is not going to listen, I’ll probably fire them pretty quickly



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