5 Simple Rules to Achieve Deep, Focused Work - Deepstash
  1. Distractions are the biggest threat to doing deep, focused work. When working, avoid switching between tasks, checking emails, or checking your phone. If you can’t address something immediately, let it wait.
  2. Clean and organize your workspace (and even your computer). Since our brains like organization, clutter will drain your focus, mental performance, and productivity and make you stressed and anxious.
  3. To mentally prepare yourself to do your best work, take a few minutes before you start to “get in the zone” with a routine—read an inspiring book, write your goals, take a walk, etc.
  4. To keep your energy levels high all day and increase your endurance, take regular breaks to rest and recover. Just a few minutes every hour or so will help you unlock your deepest work.
  5. When you’re working, do your “big rocks” (your highest-priority tasks that generate the biggest results) first. Then take care of the “small rocks” (your lower priorities).



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