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Why Some of Us Dread Going on Vacation

Why Some of Us Dread Going on Vacation



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The Paradox Of Going On A Vacation

There is a paradox around vacations. We all know that it is important to get away from the office periodically. Time away from work gives you a chance to relax, reduce stress, renew your ties with your family, and get away from problems you have struggled with so that you can think about them dif...

Construal Level Theory

The idea of this theory is that the more distant some object or event is for you, the more abstractly you think about it.

Distance can refer to physical distance, but it can also mean distance in other dimensions like time or social structure. So, an event that won’t happen for six months i...

Getting Closer To The D-Day

As the vacation gets closer, your thoughts become more specific. All of the details that are required for you to go on the trip come into view. You think about getting your passport renewed or reserving space on an excursion. You also start thinking about how to structure your work so that you ca...

Plan Well

Because it really is important to get away, you should not add stress to your vacation by questioning your decision to go away. When you book your next trip, remind yourself of what you are going to feel like as the trip nears by imagining that you actually had to go on the trip next week. Look a...

The Stuff We Remember

Look back at your life over the last five years. How many specific weeks of your life can you remember? Chances are, most of the things you remember involve changes to your routine rather than business as usual. Your trips, family events, and new experiences are the ones that stick out in memory....

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I recently started traveling and found out it's an experience I've been lacking in my life. And not just traveling for the sake of it, but getting myself immersed within the locals, their habits and exploring their culture. It's something that I definitely recommend anyone should do!



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