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How to Leave your Comfort Zone and Enter your ‘Growth Zone’

How to Leave your Comfort Zone and Enter your ‘Growth Zone’


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How to Get Out of Your 'Comfort Zone' and Into Your 'Growth Zone

Life is full of chances to step outside of one's comfort zone, but seizing them can be difficult.

In Psychology, What Is the Comfort Zone?

"The comfort zone is a behavioural state in which a person operates in an anxiety-neutral state, employing a limited set of behaviours to deliver a consistent level of performance, usually without a sense of risk."

Transitioning from the Comfort Zone to the Growth Zone

It takes bravery to step out of one's comfort zone and into one's fear zone. There is no way to build on previous experiences without a clear roadmap. This can be a source of anxiety. However, if you persevere long enough, you will enter the learning zone, where you will gain new skills and deal ...

The Advantages of Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Aside from improving performance, leaving one's comfort zone has a slew of indirect advantages. A comprehensive list would necessitate a separate article, so here are four high-level, broadly applicable examples.

  1. Self-actualization
  2. Development of a growth mindset
  3. Resili...

Tips for Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Here are four helpful hints to help clients get out of their comfort zones. These are a mix of mindset tips and practical goal-setting advice.

  1. Reframe stress
  2. Understand neuroplasticity
  3. Prioritize

Ways to Leave Your Comfort Zone

After discussing the what, why, and how of leaving your comfort zone, let's look at seven ways someone might attempt to do so.

  1. Do everyday things differently.
  2. Expand your professional skillset.


All growth starts at the end of your comfort zone.

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