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4 counterintuitive strategies to finally tackle those nagging projects

4 counterintuitive strategies to finally tackle those nagging projects

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Don't arrive early for meetings

Don't arrive early for meetings

You may view it as a point of pride to always arrive at meetings five to ten minutes early. However, those minutes add up. You could be over-preparing and losing precious hours in your week.

Consider redirecting that time toward projects that are waiting for your attention. Try being right on time—or even five minutes late—to some of your meetings. With the time you gain back, you can start planning the project you wish to start.


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Add more to your calendar

There are certain instances in which adding more meetings will help you accomplish the work. To tackle your nagging projects, identify accountability partners and schedule regular check-ins with them.

A couple of 30-minute meetings during the week with a partner can provide you with accountability, a new viewpoint, or a means to delegate some of the work you’ve outlined. Some leaders can accomplish more if their calendars are full, because the full calendar forces them to act efficiently. This approach, while hard to sustain long-term, is perfect for short bursts of work.  


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Layer your activities

Layer your activities

How can you layer work and tackle nagging projects while you’re objectively engaged in something else?

  • For example, when you’re exercising, could you speak through the talking points of an upcoming presentation and record yourself? Later, transcribe your audio. 
  • Or, if you want to squeeze in some extra reading, try listening to an audiobook while taking a walk.

Consider where you can layer work and use your time more effectively to accomplish meaningful projects.


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Determine your "good enough"

Look at all of the work you need to accomplish. What is not a short-term priority? Where can you cut corners? Consider: What are your essential projects and your “nice-to-have” projects?

For the tasks you deem imperative, determine your “good enough.” Weigh the value of more time dedicated to a project versus the impact that spending extra time will take on your team’s morale. 


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