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How to create meaning and value in the metaverse

How to create meaning and value in the metaverse


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What it will take to win in the metaverse

Tech companies still try to figure out how to make a bigger bet on the metaverse. While some think it will be a copy-paste of the current digital landscape with 2D ads becoming 3D ads in a privately owned virtual world, others hope for something more.


In the real world, it is vital to have a sense of belonging to create lasting communities. The same will be true in our digital identities. The real winners will build experiences that attract real community and engagement.

On the current social web, compan...

It's not enough to hope for a representative community

Companies need to design for it. Designers and content creators will play a significant role in building these new virtual worlds. But we have to actively look to diversify talent as we create these new worlds.

Companies need to commit to prioritising diversity when recruit...

Web 3.0 will introduce new forms of 3D and other content. A mid-size business must create over 500 videos a year, and large companies need to generate thousands to remain competitive. Businesses with an effective video strategy see 49% revenue growth over businesses that don'...

Share economic benefit with your community

The metaverse winners will provide a clear path for community builders and participants to share in the economic upside. The combination of digital property rights and token distribution opens up an opportunity for new business models that enables metaverse companies to share own...



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