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10 Top Copywriting Techniques Pros Use To Increase Organic Traffic

10 Top Copywriting Techniques Pros Use To Increase Organic Traffic

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Establish primary keywords

What you write must be in line with what readers are looking for.

The algorithms that determine what the user finds use text-based content. For example, if you sell blue-light-blocking glasses designed for gaming, your primary keywords can include "gaming glasses", "blu...

Test your keywords

Take your possible keywords and use an online keyword tool to test them. Look for keywords that have high search volume and low-to-medium competition.

Include one to three keywords throughout your content, including title, headline, intro paragraph, closing...

Most copywriters run out of obvious keywords to cover in new content. To get more ideas, use Content Gap Analysis or HubSpot's Free Search Insights Report template.

  • Do a keyword analysis on your competitor's site.
  • Then remove the keywords your own ...

Use secondary keywords

Secondary keywords reinforce search optimisation and catch more people's attention. 

Start by typing your keyword into the Google search bar, then look what auto-complete terms pop up. Include the secondary keywords in your writing where it makes logical sense.

At the bottom of the Google search results page, you will find a "people also ask" section.

Try and find your keywords and treat the relevant questions as you do content gaps and secondary keywords. 

You can increase engagement by using technical and tonal systems for your writing.

The AAP method consists of:

  • A - Agree. At the beginning of your writing, confirm to the reader the keyword they search will give them the result they seek.
  • P - Prom...

Use the F-Shaped Method

Research shows that readers will skim pages in a shape that looks like an "F".

They will read the entire top line or two, and then they'll begin skimming just the left-hand side of the page. Sectional breaks with new headlines can reset the F shape.

  • Attention is what the headline is for. Techniques for grabbing attention include FOMO statements, personalization, special offers.
  • Interest. Use personal stories, statistics, acknowledge pain points.
  • Desire. It conveys the be...

The voice and tone of your brand

  • The voice is your brand's underlying personality. It stays the same.
  • The tone of your brand can change depending on the circumstances, but the voice always underpins it.

By combining the art of using voice and tone and using the science o...

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