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How To Be An Interesting Person

How To Be An Interesting Person

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To be interesting is to be different

Many of us desire to be more interesting people but don't know how to do it. 

We think interesting is being different from the norm and sharing unusual and intriguing stories and ideas.

We don't have to read the latest books, go to foreign countries or meet Nobel Prize laureates to be different. We are different already. We just don't allow ourselves to come across that way.

The chatter in our minds is already full of the most surprising and authentically gripping ...

We are born interesting

Children under seven are fascinating. Of course, they seldom do anything interesting in the outside world, but the honest, uncensored way they report on their inner lives guarantees their interest.

We were once fascinating, too, before we got so worried about looking normal. While we should...

Interesting people are those who allow themselves to listen in on and share what's really going through their minds.

Next time, when we fear coming over as dull, we should tap into the information we actually believe. What emerges may sound odd, but it is also likely to be hugely charming a...

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