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Management disicion-making skills

Management disicion-making skills

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Decision Making By The Manager

At the same time, a person prepares and makes various decisions within the framework of his own official activity. Such work determines the activities of the manager, who personally makes decisions, and thus will shape the work of employees in accordance with the preparation and implementation of these or other decisions. Managerial decision-making should be based on scientific basics and methods.


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Managerial Decision

A management decision is a creative act of a management subject that establishes a group work plan in accordance with the effective resolution of an urgent problem based on knowledge of the objective laws of the functioning of a managed organization and analysis of data on its state. That is, MD is a choice that a manager must make in order to fulfill the duties due to his position.

The purpose of MD is to ensure movement towards the tasks set for the organization. Also, one of the main factors for the effective achievement of established goals is the human factor.


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Managerial Decision #2

First of all, the importance of the manager himself plays here - his personality, motivation, behavior, determination and other qualities. Another significant skill is the ability to form a team, organize and control the whole project "chain", in which place the qualities of a manager, leader are expressed to the maximum extent.


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Essential Skills for an Effective Leader

Systems thinking - the ability to look at the process from above, make a balanced goal setting, carry out real design, quickly implement a decision based on this data, which is in the directive.

Delegation of authority and supervision of the execution of tasks

Organization and effective management of own processes and time: time-management, distribution of cases with weighted coefficients, separation of issues according to the ABC / XYZ method, the Eisenhower matrix, finishing things up to completion according to the GTD method.

The Art of Negotiation + Successful Presentation Skill.


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Essential Skills for an Effective Leader #2

Communication / support of subordinates / motivation (individual sample). Informative exchange, communication skills.

Formation of a (new) / building (old) effective team (+ formation of a comfortable working atmosphere and corporate culture).

Building the concept of KPI rewards / punishments (agreement on goals, KPI table).

Conflict resolution. Analysis, hiring, retention and respect of employees.

Manager's image / charisma / own style (actions, clothes) / responsibility (groundedness, self-made style).

Effective implementation of meetings - both as an accomplice and moderator of the meeting.


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Simply, a self-taught introvert who wants to become succesful in life and live free from everything.


Decision making is directly related to purposeful human activity. In private life, any individual makes decisions about choosing a specialty, arraging a family, spending holidays, allocating a budget, etc. The formation and selection of these decisions, as a rule, are made empirically: by logical thinking and intuition.

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