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The Truth About Herbalife, the Company Behind America’s Latest Tea Obsession

The Truth About Herbalife, the Company Behind America’s Latest Tea Obsession


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Fruit-Flavoured Caffeine Fad

Instagram is filled with promotions of “loaded teas” — made with tea concentrate and fruit-flavoured drink mixes — often boast cheeky names like Bahama Mama or Mermaid and appear alongside promises of zero sugar, few calories, healthy antioxidants, and perhaps most importantly, a big dose of caff...

A Multi-Level Marketing(MLM) Business Of Loaded Teas

Founded in 1980, Herbalife employed the classic MLM model by signing up independent distributors who have two responsibilities: to sell the company’s protein powders and nutritional supplements, and to recruit others to become Herbalife distributors.

Herbalife has been 

Buy It, Click It, Instagram It

It’s easy to see the appeal of loaded teas. They’re low-calorie, look pretty on Instagram, and tap into trendy wellness culture buzzwords like “high in antioxidants” and “immune/energy boosting.” For dieters who are accustomed to the bitter aftertaste of artificial sweeteners and are tired of dri...

How MLM Works

The way most people make money in an MLM — and why most experts view the model as a scam for consumers — is when they become an “upline,” or a person who has recruited new distributors. Uplines earn a percentage of al...

Colourful Tea Shops

Increasingly, nutrition clubs are popping up across the country as technicolour tea shops, and almost every single one of them is affiliated with Herbalife. Even as loaded teas and meal replacement shakes grow in popularity, the function of these clubs is ultimately still the same as their predec...

Bypassing The Expensive MLM Overhead

There’s a growing trend of both online content creators and regular folks making their own loaded drinks at home. During the pandemic, 

The Bottom Line

Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest, a DIY version of the loaded tea craze is becoming increasingly popular — these sites are replete with recipes for loaded teas and other “health drinks” like collagen-infused “beauty teas” that only require a trip to the groce...



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