Why are some people irritable all the time? And what can you do? - Deepstash
Why are some people irritable all the time? And what can you do?

Why are some people irritable all the time? And what can you do?

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Defining Irritability

Defining Irritability

Irritability is defined as a mood or state in which one has a heightened propensity to respond to frustrations, even small ones, with anger that is excessive given what might be expected in the situation.

  • Irritation impacts us psychologically in a number of ways
  • It makes us more sensitive to small frustrations so we have a harder time shrugging them off or moving past them
  • This can make us distracted since our attention ends up being constantly redirected towards trivial incidents and remarks and away from important tasks or relationships


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The Reason For Lingering Irritability

The Reason For Lingering Irritability

Irritability can be a hard mood to break out of because it often creates a negative feedback loop that is self-reinforcing in ways that can deepen its hold on our state of mind.

It reinforces our negative mood such that we're much more likely to fixate on anything even mildly upsetting or annoying (we might even do so unconsciously as a way to validate our bad mood).

Focusing on all these annoyances then fuels our irritability further, which in turn, focuses us even more intently on validating our irritable mood by continuing to scan our environment for external frustrations.


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What To Do If Your Loved One Suffers From Chronic Irritability

What To Do If Your Loved One Suffers From Chronic Irritability

  • Bring it to their attention.
  • Tell them you're concerned because they seem to be in a bad mood more often than not, and they've been responding to you as if you're constantly annoying them.
  • Let them know how their mood has been impacting you.


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What To Advice Chronically Irritable People

What To Advice Chronically Irritable People

Ask them to consider trying one of the following techniques that have been shown to lower irritability:

  • Gratitude exercises:

Spend 10 minutes each morning journaling about three things for which they're grateful and why-what that thing means to them and why it makes them feel thankful

  • Mindfulness meditation.
  • Reframe their mindset.
  • Change your perspective to take the sting out of an annoying/upsetting/frustrating situation.

Acknowledge that you're asking them to do something that isn't so easy.


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