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3 Simple Questions to Help You Let Go of Embarrassment

3 Simple Questions to Help You Let Go of Embarrassment



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The Incident Being Common And Normal With Others

Question: How many times do you think other people have experienced the same thing you did, or something similar to it?

It’s probably quite common if your memory involves drawing an awkward blank during a job interview or saying “you too” to the server who says that they hope you ...

Sharing The Memory

Question: If a friend told you that this memory happened to them, what would you tell them?

A lot of the time, it would be a really funny story that both of you would be laughing about. Or, you might say that it doesn’t sound like a big deal and chances are nobody even noticed. Or...

Different Points Of View

Question: Can you try thinking about the memory from someone else’s point of view?

Say your memory is of stumbling over your words while giving a speech. What might an audience member think? What would you have thought if you were listening to a speech and the speaker mad...

If someone treated you badly, or if your embarrassment was caused by acting in a way that conflicted with your own values, you might be feeling shame or guilt, not just embarrassment. In that case, this advice might not be applicable.

Otherwise, letting the memory happen, feeling the feelin...

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