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A curator can also help society better understand what art NFTs are, and provide insight into an individual work's value and meaning within the context of this historic art movement. Here are a few ways they will play a role in shaping the shaping of the crypto art scene.


Curators Will Play a Major Role in Fostering Art NFTs — Here’s Why

Curators Will Play a Major Role in Fostering Art NFTs — Here’s Why


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The Role of Curation and Art NFTs

There really isn't one definition of what it means to be a curator, and it's even more undefined in the NFT space.

However, curators must possess a few core attributes that are Important in developing great art and having a wider audience appreciate that great art.

A Curator Works with Artists

  • Curators identify new talent and work with that talent to foster creativity and develop career objectives
  • Provide portfolio reviews, advocate for artists' work, and lend needed support throughout the artistic journey
  • In the context of crypto art, curators can usher artists in...

Curators Curate

  • Curators also curate art by thoughtfully organizing and arranging works and collections in a way that tells a story
  • This can include not only organizing exhibitions and shows but writing about artists, trends, and movements
  • They teach a broader audience how to appreciate art ...

  • Meet the collector, and seek to understand their goals
  • Keep up on artists and art movements so they can better inform buyers
  • Educate them on the technology of the space, helping them to properly set up asset storage

  • Curators will know every inch of this new landscape, and be able to lead both artists and collectors through this relatively unknown world, providing education and direction along the way.
  • They help make art accessible, both to collectors through education and contextualization and t...

In a New York Times article dissecting the overuse of the term "curator," critic and historian Hans-Ulrich Obrist defines the role as "a catalyst, generator and motivator - a sparring partner, accompanying the artist while they build a show, and a bridge builder, creating a bridge to the public."...

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