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How the Prophet Muhammad PBUH rose above enmity and insult

The Prophet of Mercy

The Prophet of Mercy

by Mohammad Elshinawy


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In the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.

This book provides 70 incidents, paraphrased for the sake of conciseness, serve as a reminder of who the Prophet PBUH really was: a man of mercy and moral greatness who sought not the praise of this world, but its bet...

The Prophet PBUH never stooped to reciprocating to insults. He would choose to take the high road and not respond at all.

He smiled when he saw his companion refrain from responding to insults. However when his companion eventually spoke up, the Prophet PBUH became angry and left.

He ...

How to maintain our composure when angry:

  • Change your physical position to less confrontational ones
  • Sit if you are standing, if that doesn't help then lay down
  • Perform ablution (the act of washing oneself)

In anger, we tend to respond in prideful, satanic w...

'An Angel was with you, responding on your behalf. But when you said back to him some of what he said, a devil arrived, and it is not for me to sit with devils.'

The Messenger of Allah PBUH did not retaliate or repeat back insults, he did not even let his wife respond harshly to those who insulted him.

'O Aishah, be gentle! Indeed, Allah is Gentle and loves gentleness in all matters.

Beware of being harsh and vulgar.'

After bleeding at the hands of the enemy, the Messenger of Allah PBUH still had the resilience of character to ask Allah to forgive them. He appealed to Allah with the prayer for forgiveness.

Despite experiencing and witnessing torture, the Messenger of Allah PBUH maintained magnanimity.

'O Allah, forgive my people, for they do not know.'

There was a man who used to serve the Prophet Muhammad PBUH and was paid by members of his tribe to employ witchcraft against the Messenger of Allah PBUH.

For 6 months, the Prophet PBUH was weakened and mentally fatigued by these incantations.

Once the man performing the witchcraft wa...

'And do not mind the disbelievers and the hypocrites. Ignore their harm and rely upon Allah. And sufficient is Allah as a Disposer of your affairs.

Rumours spread that the Messenger of Allah PBUH's wife had committed adultery. After a month long ordeal of suspicion and tension, Allah finally revealed versus in Surah an-Nur exposing the ringleaders behind the lie, but this wasn't before some of the believers had begun to believe and circulate...

'Let not those among you who are virtuous and wealthy swear not to give to their kin and those in need.

Do you not love that Allah should forgive you?

And Allah is Most Forgiving, Most Merc...

There was a man who plotted to kill the Prophet PBUH.

Once he was caught captive, the Messenger of Allah PBUH remained hopeful that he would become Muslim and earn the forgiveness of Allah. This man recieved the utmost kindness and hospitality from the Messenger PBUH.

Upon his relea...

Once this man had accepted Islam, his whole tribe followed him in entering the fold of Islam.

They boycotted the enemies and refused to send them any more grain, which the enemy heavily depended on. This sanction would have drained their strength.

However the Messenger of Allah PBUH i...

'I heard that no matter how grave a persons crime against him, the Prophet Muhammad PBUH always chose forgiveness.'

There was a man who set out to harm the Prophet PBUH's daughter. He poked her camel with a spear until it threw her to the ground.

She suffered a miscarriage in addition to serious injuries that severely affected her health and contributed to her death several years later.

This was a ...

'I have not been sent as one who curses. Rather, I was sent as a mercy.'

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