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Why entrepreneurs should be wary of calling themselves 'creators'

Why entrepreneurs should be wary of calling themselves 'creators'



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Creators vs. Entrepreneurs

In a content-driven world, entrepreneurs who see themselves first and foremost as creators could have it the wrong way round.

Whether you decide you are on the creator or entrepreneur path matters in making strategic decisions about where to invest your time, money, and energy in your busin...

The Worlds of 'Creator' and Traditional Entrepreneur Collide

  • Being a creator is a unique experience defined by building an audience on platforms where audiences can be found.
  • Entrepreneurs who identify too much with being a creator first and foremost may well be spending their energy on the wrong things.

Content Creation Is Not Always the Best Use of An Entrepreneurs' Time

  • The role of an entrepreneur is to keep their business alive, so they should prioritize building a product or service people actually want to buy.
  • Creating beautiful graphics on Instagram, threads on Twitter, or reels on TikTok might feel easier and safer, but in isolation, they are u...

Get Into Sales, Not Content

Creating content is often fun, and can feel good when you get likes and comments, but creating demand and selling what you have built is your number one job.

Continue to do content creation if it is driving demand for your business and use the sales to pay for the team to support you run th...

Choose Your Path

  • You get to choose if you are on the creator path or not.
  • Entrepreneurs don’t always get the choice to choose what to spend their time on, but creators do.
  • Creators get to play around in the phases before they make money from their content.
  • Being a creator should be ab...



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