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I’m a creator. You’re a creator. We’re all creators!

I’m a creator. You’re a creator. We’re all creators!



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Content creation

Over 50 million people worldwide refer to themselves as content creators, a term used to describe everything from YouTubers to podcasters to writers to artists to people who sell courses online.

According to people paying attention, content creation is the future of work, regardless of your...

Creators are less judged on their talent and more on how good they are at being themselves. They really are a one-person media empire in whatever medium they choose.

The creator economy is different from the gig economy. Both promises that you can be your own boss, but one agrees to partici...

There are creators that try to educate the public on important topics. Then there are creators who promote hatred, racism, or bigotry, but all are creators.

The vagueness of the word "creator" allows numerous startups to blossom. Yet, creators are underserved by the traditi...

Creators suffer from burnout and isolation

The creator economy is much more volatile than Uber and gig companies. You have to adapt to platforms and adapt your public persona to continue to resonate, which is an almost impossible task.

Yet, many creators make a good living by themselves on the internet. There could be a sense of FOM...

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