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Do you really have to choose between winning at work and succeeding at life? In other words, do you have to work such long hours that you have no time and energy left over for your family and other interests?Most people will say you have to choose one or the other, but a "Double Win" really is feasible. You can have a great career, and simultaneously succeed at life as well. To achieve that, five principles are involved:

Win at Work and Succeed at Life

Win at Work and Succeed at Life

by MICHAEL. HYATT MILLER HYATT (MEGAN.), Michael S Hyatt, Megan Hyatt Miller


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The cult of overwork thrives when our imagination shrinks. The Double Win comes into view when we envision it

Great work-life balance is achievable and valuable

The underlying message from this book is by taking quality time off, you'll achieve more in less hours with your work.

Getting enough sleep, having hobbies, interests, and friendships are not design flaws in humans. They are features that contribute to making us more productive.

1. Principle #1 — Recognize success is multi-dimensional.

Work is important, but you can also be successful at building a family, having great friends, serving in the community, becoming physically fit, and so on.

True success is only achieved when you're successful in all the areas that matter to you, not just your career.


Principle #2 — Constraints are great productivity tools.

Constraints always force you to make choices. Everyone has a finite amount of time, money, energy, mental bandwidth, and so on.

When you work to those constraints, you'll experience tremendous gains and fresh thinking. Welcome and embrace constraints.

Principle #3 — Work-Life balance is genuinely possible

Work - life balance is not a myth. It can be achieved, but be aware it's dynamic rather than static.

To achieve it, you're going to have to make ongoing adjustments and fine tuning.

Weigh the domains of your life and give the right weighting to all the different doma...

Principle #4 — There's great power in nonachievement.

Having hobbies, making art, and spending time on raising your family are incredibly enriching and restorative. Build some time into your schedule for doing the stuff you love, but which won't show up on your balance sheet. Downtime pays great dividends.

Principle #5 — Rest is the foundation of true productivity.

People are trying to cram more and more activities into every day in pursuit of productivity. Don't fall for it. You need to be getting enough sleep to feel good. Sleep is not a necessary evil — it's something you need to do to charge up your batteries over the long haul.




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This is the key to productivity and eventual success which most people overlook.



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Find joy at work by curating your work life to fulfill your vision and Ikigai



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