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We merely have 55 years at our best to live life without starvation. What about our following generations? It is upon us to lead them to a prosperous land or a starving hell.


5 ways to save your soil at home

5 ways to save your soil at home



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Considering that just one teaspoon of soil can hold more organisms than there are people on the whole planet, we think that our soils are well worth protecting!

Hey But Before That!

Soil is essential to life on earth. Its declining health spells trouble for everyone.

But do you know? We can all help in conserving our soil at the comforts of our home. Yes you heard that right! Here are few simple techiniques which you c...

Grow Your Own

In your own back garden, on a windowsill or on a shared allotment, growing your own (like vegetables, your favourite plants etc.) is the most environmentally-friendly way to get your food.

This helps in recycling of nutrients. But make sure to keep it covered, with ...


An easy way to boost soil organic matter is to apply compost - this will ‘feed’ your soil with a diversity of nutrients and microorganisms.

Fallen leaves and dead plants will add to soil organic matter too, as well as providing a home for insects and toher garden-dwelling ...

Grow soil saving plants

Yes you heard it right!

Plants that pull nitrogen from the air help increase the fertility of your soils, while deep-rooting plants stop compaction, promote healthy soil structure, and draw up nutrients deeper in the soil for use by other plants. 

Support soil-friendly agroecological farming

Opting to support agroecological farming, like organic, in your local area means casting a vote for a way of is based on nourishing plants by building soil fertility naturally.

At The End

Raising awareness about the issue of soil degradation is a really important; let's keep growing this movement from the ground up! Share this information with friends and family, and help them to start saving their own soils at home too. 😊

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