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We analyzed 150+ onboarding experiences. Here are the best user onboarding examples.

We analyzed 150+ onboarding experiences. Here are the best user onboarding examples.



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The Best Onboarding Experience

Most product-led businesses focus on signup conversion.

But if you do the math, optimizing the user onboarding process is much more impactful to your company's growth.

We analyzed 150+ onboarding experiences. Here are the best user onb...

Leverage Social Proof

The six basic types of social proof:

  • Expert's stamp of approval
  • Celebrity endorsement
  • Trust icons
  • Data 
  • Customer testimonials
  • Reviews

You should use at least one of these in a business’ 

Email Verification Walls Are Conversion Killers

  • 30-50% of signups don't verify their email.
  • Prevent this by removing the activation step right at the beginning of the onboarding process.
  • Over 30% of required user onboarding steps are rubbish.
  • Every field, button click, and page is an opportunity for users to ab...

Product Tours Should Be Done Right

  • The goal is to provide users with enough information to experience the product's value without being overwhelmed by too many unnecessary steps.
  • People don't hate product tours, they hate being forced to the tour, invasive pop-ups and irrelevant steps.
  • Product tours should cov...

Context and Segment Matter

Most products have many different features, and the majority of the time, a user arrives to find a solution to one problem.

By helping users accomplish their desired outcome from the start, they are more likely to see its value and adopt the product.

Time-Based Emails Without Context Backfire

The problem with the time-based email approach is that it does not consider what the user has already done in your product. The emails have to be synced with the performed actions of the user.

To avoid coming across as annoying and spammy, trigger emails based on users' actions they have or...

Form Fields: Unnecessary Steps Discourage Users from Completing the Onboarding

There are form fields that you don’t really need to ask people when signing up. There are required steps that first-time users don’t need to complete right away. And, of course, some steps don’t really need to be there at all.

Often, teams approach the content of signup screens and onboarding elements as a low priority. It’s usually focused on product features rather than communicating the benefits of these features. 

Every word in the entire customer onboarding process is an opportunity to speak to users...




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User Onboarding: A crucial step for users



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Effective customer onboarding is vital in a SaaS business as it helps to educate customers on using the product and help them see the value. An onboarding checklist can help to set customers up for success.



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