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Effective customer onboarding is vital in a SaaS business as it helps to educate customers on using the product and help them see the value. An onboarding checklist can help to set customers up for success.


How to create an effective SaaS onboarding checklist | The Jotform Blog

How to create an effective SaaS onboarding checklist | The Jotform Blog


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Create an onboarding schedule

SaaS onboarding often takes about two weeks. The first week is for completing forms and collecting information, and the second week is for training and walkthroughs.

Consider what elements your onboarding should include and plot them on a timeline—for example, welcome messa...

Your SaaS product likely has many exciting features.

To avoid overloading your customers with information, focus on two or three of the most valuable features to help customers see immediate results with your app. Consider the "time to value" metric when creating your SaaS ...

Include an easy and achievable task your customers can do during onboarding. Consider guiding them through the task with call-outs and flags.

Quick wins show customers immediate value and help them reach a milestone they can celebrate.

The onboarding process is where customers learn to use your product, so they'll likely have questions or comments. Make it easy for them to get in touch so they don't disengage and leave.

Build touchpoints into your SaaS onboarding checklist where you can reach out to offer...

Some customer segments will require extra support and education. To help customers feel supported, point out during your onboarding process that additional materials are available to customers, such as detailed user guides, community forums, and more. 

Conducting a customer...

Your SaaS onboarding checklist may feel essential to you, but many customers will find it a burden. 

Offer them a chance to exit at specific points so that they can continue to use the product how they prefer. Check-in periodically to offer support and point them to DIY res...



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