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What did Einstein eat? Inside the diet of the famed physicist

What did Einstein eat? Inside the diet of the famed physicist



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The Question About Einstein's Diet

We’ve long known that diet plays a key role in our overall health. And in recent years the connection between the microbiome — the microorganisms that reside in our gut, the makeup of which is partially dependent on what we eat — and our brain function is becoming increas...

What Einstein Had For Breakfast

Scientists have long understood that the human body, including the brain, needs food to function optimally. It appears Einstein understood the importance of getting some brain fuel before starting the day.

Einstein’s breakfast was actually pretty nutritionally dense. Eggs are high in protei...

Being a terrible cook and eating things out of cans is the mark of genius.

Compared to breakfast, lunch was much less of a regular occurrence in Einstein’s daily life. In 1915, he wrote a letter to his second son, Hans Albert Einstein, in which he says, “I am often so engrossed in my wo...

What Einstein Had For Dinner

Some of Einstein’s scientist friends would regularly get together to discuss physics and other academic pursuits. These dinners were frugal repasts of sausage, Gruyère cheese, fruit, and tea.

Indeed, even when the food was much fancier, Einstein was more prone to getting wrapped up in conve...

The Health Of Einstein

When Einstein was 38-years-old, one of his friends became so concerned about the scientist’s digestive problems that he sent him to a doctor. The physician diagnosed him with a “chronic stomach malady” and mandated a four-week special bland diet.

Despite the tasteless diet, his stomach prob...

The Death Of Einstein

In April of 1955, Einstein died from an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Although his diet likely isn’t to blame, his lifestyle habits may have been. According to the Mayo Clinic, tobacco use is the biggest risk factor for developing an abdominal aortic aneurysm.

So is a diet of beans, eggs, and ...

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If you are looking to start a diet while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it’s not difficult.



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