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Productivity addiction: when we become obsessed with productivity

Productivity addiction: when we become obsessed with productivity


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The Premise

The business and productivity app market is worth billions of dollars. Every day, there is a new productivity tool popping up, a book about productivity being published, and millions of people reading and sharing content related to personal productivity. It started as a measure of efficiency for ...

At its core, productivity addiction is based on the same reward systems as other addictions. By providing constant reinforcement — for example, financial rewards in the form of salary increases, or social rewards in the form of work recognition — productivity can become a goal in and of itself, r...

Addicted To Productivity

At least in the Western world, our education has often taught us to tie our self-worth to how much we contribute to society. The more we contribute, the better. “I work, therefore I am.” Being productive feels like a way to improve our self-worth.

This positive reinforcement can mak...

Five Tell-Tale Signs

There are five tell-tale signs you may be addicted to productivity:

  • You don’t want to “waste” any time.
  • You tend to turn hobbies into side projects.
  • You feel guilty when you don’t hit your targets. 
  • You always make work a priority. 
  • You constantly feel b...

How to Manage Productivity Addiction

  • Make space for self-reflection. 
  • Define meaningful priorities.
  • Remember that not all hobbies need to become hustles.
  • Reconsider your relationship with time.
  •  Create your own system. 
  • pay attenti...

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