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The Outward Mindset: Seeing Beyond Ourselves

The Outward Mindset: Seeing Beyond Ourselves

by , The Arbinger Institute


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"With an inward mindset, people behave in ways that are calculated to benefit themselves. With an outward mindset, people are able to consider and behave in ways that further the collective results that they are committed to achieve."

"To be outward doesn’t mean that people should adopt this or that prescribed behavior… it means that when people see the needs, challenges, desires, and humanity of others, the most effective ways to adjust their efforts occur to them in the moment. "

"So while the goal in shifting mindsets is to get everyone turned toward each other, accomplishing this goal is possible only if people are prepared to turn their mindsets toward others with no expectation that others will change their mindsets in return."

The Outward Mindset

The outward mindset is a way of looking at the world. It involves seeing beyond yourself and making others feel valued. An outward mindset focuses on others, on what is important to all stakeholders: our employees, customers, manager, family members.

An outward mindset...

An inward mindset is focused on self-benefit and self-concern—our individual self-interest or if we are operating in a larger organization, our individual team, or our division.

When people focus on themselves rather than on their impact, lots of activity and effort get wa...

See, Adjust, Measure

The framework for working with the Outward Mindset goes by the acronym SAM—See others, Adjust efforts and Measure impact.

  • See others: Ask your executive team to see what each of their colleagues is doing and push the executives to reveal what is not working, to be vuln...

Adopt an outward mindset even when others don’t. Rather than complain, we can make the move we are waiting for the other person to make—we can act the way we want the other person to act. 

While we think this might lead us to be taken advantage of, it is not a “sof...




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