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Why Doing Things Over and Over Won’t Make You Better

Why Doing Things Over and Over Won’t Make You Better



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Repeating Tasks ≠ Progress

“A teacher divides a class into two groups. Group A only has to produce one clay pot. Group B has to make as many clay pots as possible. In the end, not only did Group B make more clay pots, but their final pots were better than the ones made by Group A. Quantity leads to quality.”

What is missing from most stories is that the quantity group of the Clay Pot Story was turning out piles of work and learning from their mistakes while the "quality" group theorised about perfection and had little to show for their efforts.

The real messag...

The Four Steps of the Learning Cycle

If you want to transform your learning, consider the four pillars of Experiential Learning:

  1. Active Experimentation: Figuring out a way to improve based on an idea.
  2. Concrete Experience: Actually doing something.
  3. Reflective Observ...

Just turning out clay pots, blog posts, loaves of bread doesn't guarantee improvement. Unless you also actively engage in the learning process, you might just be strengthening bad habits. Once you've formed a bad habit, it can be very difficult to break.

You might feel lik...

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