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These new methods for increasing creativity might seem weird, implausible, and even flatly wrong. But that’s exactly how it should be.


3 Exercises to Boost Your Team’s Creativity

3 Exercises to Boost Your Team’s Creativity



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Problem With Creativity

Creativity is the main engine of innovation and entrepreneurship, and a major driver of resilience. The current foundation of creativity training is the technique known as divergent thinking.

But there’s a problem: Research has shown it to be at best inadequate and at worst counterproductiv...

Exercise 1: To Foster Originality

Have everyone anonymously write down something they like but are afraid to admit to the group.

Then share the answers, maintaining anonymity.

When each answer is shared, ask everyone to take two minutes to imagine that they like the same thing

Silently plan a way to incorporat...

Exercise 2: Instead of brainstorming, think counterfactually

Think of a new competitor in your market — an existing startup, maybe, or an established company that might enter your lane, or some kind of organization that you anticipate might emerge in the future.

Identify one highly anomalous feature of the competitor — and now imagine that you are t...

Exercise 3: Meet the moment process (Step 1)

  1. For step one, take each of your team’s newly imagined options and rank it on the scale of 1 - 10. Options ranked at the bottom (0–2) are low in creativity and low in innovation potential. Options at the top (8–10) are moderate-to-low in creativity but high in innovation potential. Options in...

Meet the moment process (Step 2)

For step two, assess your current operational environment in the scale of 1-10.

Is it stable? Or volatile? Certain? Or uncertain?

If it’s high in stability and certainty, go with an option ranked 9 or 10.

If it’s moderate, go with a 7 or 8.

If it’s low, go with a 6 or 4...




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Organisations want innovators, and creative people want to be supported in the workplace. So we need to change the way the workplace works for everyone's benefit.



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