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I like this article as it questions some of the more everyday aspects of life- the ideas in bold particularly stood out to me. Maybe you have thought about these thoughts before too?


100 Random Thoughts

100 Random Thoughts



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Have you ever happened to disconnect from reality, while your strange and incomprehensible thoughts are floating all around?

That feeling when you stare at one point on the wall and you are present with your body, but with your soul and thoughts, you are somewhere completely different.

Random thoughts – what exactly are they?

Random thoughts are those thoughts that appear out of nowhere and quite unexpectedly. At one point you are watching a movie or talking to a friend, while at another you have already entered another dimension trying to give yourself an answer to a completely random question.

The human brain ...

Why do random thoughts “attack” our brains?

No rules. Given that the human brain functions amazingly and that we can’t always determine what we will think about, random thoughts can appear quite by accident, when we least expect them.

But, they can appear as a result of creativity or solving a certain problem. When we remove all obst...

Random Thoughts During the Shower

1. The scream in your head will never be out of breath.

2. Do fish in water have their hidden life where they go to school, hang out, study, and get married?

3. If everyone had roller skates instead of feet, would there be cars or would they go rollerblading everywhere?


Random love thoughts

16. It is very important to have someone who lets you be what you are and nourishes your mind and your soul, not your ego.

17. What would happen to us without love? We would not be beings who feel and live for love, we would be just a mere and quiet existence.

18. It is better to be a...

Random deep thoughts

32. Before the camera was invented, no one had seen themselves with their eyes closed. 

33. How can our body feel and experience the scene when we fall off a cliff in a nightmare, if we have never fallen off a cliff before?

34. What is the 

<p>39. <a href="https://ponly....

39. What if we go to a parallel universe every time we go to sleep?

40. The skeleton is not in us. We are the brain. So we’re in a skeleton.

41. Each person has a different image of us and tailors a version of us that...

Random weird thoughts

43. Because you’re blinking, you’ve never seen the whole movie in your life.

44. What if you passed a missing person and you didn’t know she was missing?

45. What if we passed a serial killer and he weighed us and thought – “I don’t want this.”

46. Who taught th...

Random friendship thoughts

54. Having real friends is the greatest luxury. Being a true friend is the greatest quality of a man.

55. It is more valuable to have a few true friends than to be in the company of many fake people.

56. Friends are the chosen family you love as well as the real famil...

Random funny thoughts

63. Is sand called sand because it is located between the sea and the land?

64. Why is a building called a building when it has already been built?

65. If you hit yourself and it hurts, are you strong or weak?

66. Has anyone ever died of laughter?

<p>67. Brushing your teeth is ...

67. Brushing your teeth is the only time you clean your skeleton

68. Do different species of animals communicate with each other, or they need a translator?

69. If you try to rob a bank, you won’t have problems wi...

Random sad thoughts

71. What if I’m not good enough?

72. Loneliness may be painful, but you need to learn to feel comfortable even when you are alone with yourself.

73. Why does love have to hurt? When you lose somebody, your heart breaks into a mi...

Silly random thoughts

78. People who wear glasses look smart, but they had to fail a test to get glasses.

79. If life is unfair to everyone, does that mean it is fair?

80. If a word is misspelled in vocabulary, how will we know?

81. How did someone cook the first dish? He mixed rando...

Random thoughts about life

88. There is only one life, it should be used in the best way!

89. Time passes too fast, create today a day to remember.

87. Appreciate every moment you are in because it will become a memory.

90. We cannot change the past, but we can create a b...

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