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In order to grow and become our best selves we must be willing to let go of our past selves, our vision, and our thoughts pertaining to who we are and what we want.

The Mountain Is You

The Mountain Is You

by Brianna Wiest


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We see this reflected back to us in every part of life. Species reproduce, DNA evolves to eliminate certain strands and develop new ones, and the edges of the universe are expanding forever outward. Likewise, our ability to feel the depth and beauty of...

What Does Having A Mountain In Front Of You Mean?

It does not mean you are fundamentally broken in some way.

Think about it- Everything in nature is imperfect, and it is because of that imperfection that growth is possible.

If everything existed in uniformity, the gravity that created the stars and planets ...


The fact that you are imperfect is not a sign that you have failed; it is a sign that you are human, and more importantly, it is a sign that you still have more potential within you.

What Is Your Mountain?

Types of mountains -

  • addiction, weight, relationships, jobs, motivation, or money.
  • Anxiety, low self-esteem, fear, or a general discontentment that seems to bleed out onto everything else.

Usually when we have a problem that is circumstantial, we are fa...

Facing Mountains Does Not Mean Facing Life Hardships

Instead is that it is because of the years we have spent accumulating tiny traumas, adaptations, and coping mechanisms, all of which have compounded over time.

Your mountain is the block between you and the life you want to live. Facing it is also the only path to your freedom and becoming. You are here because a trigger showed you to your wound, and your wound will show you to your path, an...

The Path To Transformation

You must release your old self into the fire of your vision and be willing to think in a way you have never even tried before. You must mourn the loss of your younger self, the person who has gotten you this far but who is no longer equipped to carry you onward. You m...


Human beings are guided by comfort. They stay close to what feels familiar and reject what doesn’t, even if it’s objectively better for them.




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These ideas make ME want to live again, to the fullest. Okay, maybe not the "fullest". But atleast try and live without worrying about my past and future and focus on present. In calm and positive manner. (Hopefully) :)



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