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"It Can Feel As Though We've Hit Rock Bottom"

"The objective of being human is to grow."

we grow and we learn, sometimes the learning part may stop for us but we gather our thoughts and remember the times we really used to think, for real. Think real things, that are productive and were helpful towards us....

So, it's okay for people to stop growing for a moment (or as much time as one need) to gather their thoughts, take a deep breathe and remind yourself of all those things that makes you wanna go on. Even if those things are as little as one's habit of procrastinating but getting their job done or having negative thoughts but smiling.


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"Nature Is Imperfect And Because Of That Growth Is Possible."

life won't be the same each and every passing year, to learn and to accept is what some may find hard or difficult.

The fact that you are imperfect is not a sign that you have failed; it is a sign that you are human, and more importantly, it is a sign that you still have more potential within you.

Having potential or not is not anyone's business to judge, but one's business to find out about it. Accept it and move on with it. Make it a part of yourself. Embrace it with grace and convenience. Savouring every moment into the imperfect gestures makes it more human-like. More normal.


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These ideas make ME want to live again, to the fullest. Okay, maybe not the "fullest". But atleast try and live without worrying about my past and future and focus on present. In calm and positive manner. (Hopefully) :)

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