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What Is Productivity? A Definition & Proven Ways To Improve It

What Is Productivity? A Definition & Proven Ways To Improve It

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The Best Definition Of Productivity

when we read “Productivity increased in September” we’re confused. Those macro trends have nothing to do with how productive a person is. To me, productivity is a personal measure. Especially in the 21st century where most of us work independently. We’re no longer machine operators. We’re skilled knowledge workers who manage their own time and energy.


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Types Of Productivity

Based on the above, there are two types of productivity:

Workforce productivity: The total amount of goods and services workers produce in a certain period.

Personal productivity: The relevant output of an individual in a certain period.


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Productivity is the #1 measure that defines growth in the economy and one’s living standards (higher income, better benefits, more free time).


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Productivity tools can make your life a lot simpler. They help you to save time, improve focus, and improve the overall quality of our work. However too much technology often decreases our productivity


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