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Creating A Culture Of Learning

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Creating A Culture Of Learning

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mLearning is a necessity

mLearning is a necessity

Over 78% of people globally own a smartphone and rely on it for completing tasks. As a result, MLearning has become a necessity.

L&D leaders should consider if their current training strategy is in line with a mobile-first future and how their organisation can take advantage of this technology.


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mLearning (mobile learning)

mLearning (mobile learning)

mLearning is a term used to describe learning from a personal electronic device that connects to the internet, such as mobile, laptops and tablets.

Mobile learning can be used to deliver the following content types and more:

  • eLearning courses
  • Training videos
  • Audio lectures and podcasts
  • Blog posts
  • Interactive games
  • Virtual coaching sessions
  • Custom apps

A survey showed that 72% of respondents rated mLearning as likely to increase engagement. Another study found mobile learners completed their courses almost twice as fast.


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Find the right tool for the job

Find the right tool for the job

L&D leaders should ensure the solutions they invest in are compatible with the latest mobile technology. 

One way is to find responsive authoring tools, which will allow developers to create content that can adjust to various devices and screen sizes.


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Enhance user experience

Enhance user experience

One main consideration is how to best deliver content for use on mobile devices. Poor user experience is one of the biggest barriers to satisfaction.

L&D leaders can ensure their LMS offers a well-designed and easy-to-use mobile interface by asking learners specific questions about the UX. LMS should offer rich data tracking so teams can measure training progress.


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Look for quality

47% of organisations use mobile devices in their training programs. They are expected to grow from $23 billion to $80 billion by 2027.

This will lead to increased quantity and quality content choices. L&D teams can accommodate learner preferences by partnering with high quality, mobile-friendly content providers.


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Get support from IT

Companies with a bring-your-own-device approach must consider the additional resources needed to support a plethora of devices.

The biggest challenges of delivering mLearning are bandwidth and connectivity issues as well as security challenges. These challenges can be addressed by having an ongoing partnership with IT.


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Offer offline content

L&D teams can make mLearning content even more flexible and inclusive with offline content. Certain LMSs allow learners to pre-download content for easy access.

Learners who take advantage of these features while connected to WiFi at the office won't need added data if they choose to view the content on the go. Technologies like SCORM allow user data to be harvested and synchronized once the learner is connected again.  


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Make it engaging

Make it engaging

mLearning can use the existing tools on a smartphone to enhance the learning experience and make it more interactive and personalised.

  • A device's GPS and push notifications can be used to offer applicable content based on a learner's specific location.
  • Learners can use their cameras to capture actual conditions in the field to share with other learners.
  • Chat features can help learners interact and collaborate.


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