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The Future of Learning: It's in the Flow

The Future of Learning: It's in the Flow

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What Is Workflow Learning?

Workflow learning simply means having the ability to access an answer or a short piece of learning content that doesn’t disrupt your workflow quickly and easily. Workflow learning is commonly referred to as learning in the flow of work – it was originally coined by Josh Bersin two years ago and has since taken the L&D world by storm.

The main point to remember about workflow learning is that learning takes place almost simultaneously as the employee is still working.


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What Are the Main Components of Workflow Learning?

First, the learning content must be easily accessible. This means that the information being sought after is easy to find.

In addition to accessibility, content must always be available on any device, and at any time of day.

One last component to workflow learning that cannot be overlooked is relevancy and engagement. This ensures a positive learning experience and maximum retention of the information.

These three key components – accessibility, relevancy and engagement, and time of need – are the primary driving forces of workflow learning.


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What the Future Holds

As our society continues to advance in the information age, the need to solve issues faster and more efficiently will continue to increase. By this time next year, workflow learning will no longer be considered a buzz topic, but will be regarded as a fundamental approach to training for organizations that truly understand the value of investing in their employees’ learning.


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