What to wear to maximize productivity when you’re working from home, according to science - Deepstash
What to wear to maximize productivity when you’re working from home, according to science

What to wear to maximize productivity when you’re working from home, according to science

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Work-from-home dress code

Work-from-home dress code

Clothing choices are a critical component of how we think, behave, and interact with others.

In the shift to remote work, some workers kept their office uniform while others picked comfortable home attire. After two years of working from home, there is still no solution for handling the work-from-home dress code.


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Clothing influences how you are perceived

Research shows that clothes influence how colleagues perceive each other and can change how employees think or feel about themselves.

It is essential that companies and their workers think critically about the office dress code, and get it right. There's now clear guidance that companies, managers, and individual workers should consider in our new hybrid work reality.


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Enclothed cognition

Enclothed cognition describes how clothing and its symbolic associations affect thought and behaviour.

Research found that making small changes to one's wardrobe, such as putting on a lab coat in the lab or wearing a power suit in the office can improve attention or increase one's sense of power. Wearing a suit increases testosterone levels and wearing a nurse's uniform increases empathy.


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At home attire

At home attire

Research shows that home attire consistently improved authenticity and engagement because workers felt more like themselves and were more engaged and productive at work.

Clothing needs to be consistent with the setting in which it is worn. The setting of work matters more for work engagement than the content of the work task.

Research shows companies don't have to wonder if they need to end the office dress code. Instead, to help workers bring their best selves to work, managers should encourage workers to wear clothes that fit where their work is being completed.


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