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Decluttering Friendships: When Is It Time to Let Go?

Decluttering Friendships: When Is It Time to Let Go?


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The Time To Let Go Of A Friend

When is it ok to say "this isn't really working for me anymore"?

We as humans shed our needs constantly, and relationships are no different.

Friendships, be they short or long, are woven in and out of the fabric of our lives on this earth.

No friendship should be transa...

When You Aren’t Replenished by What You Put Into Your Friendship

After spending time with a friend, do you feel whole, loving, *energized*, and informed? Legit HAPPY? Well, great! You have a good friend who is filling your soul! Make sure you’re checking in on them as much as they do for you—they are gem humans with insight and empathy, and they deserve that s...

When Milestones Drift You Apart

Whether it’s a committed relationship, having a baby, a change in job location, the fact that one of you is sobering up, interests change (see above); these are the things every adult struggles with when they have a longstanding friendship. For the sake of your new life, you *must* cut off the pe...

When You Don’t Feel the Partnership Is Equal

If you don’t know where you stand with a friend, it’s time to leave. Walls are built up and it is not your job to break them down.

Just because you’ve invested time in a friendship doesn’t mean you must stay to see it through—gone are the days we say that for romantic relationships; we shou...

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