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The Blush- When & Why

The Blush- When & Why

We blush when we’ve admitted the uncomfortable possibility of having offended, inconvenienced, or misled someone. This discomfort is a sign of our disdain for personal arrogance; we hold ourselves—sometimes seemingly against our will—to the standards of honesty & humility.


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The Good Of Blushing

The Good Of Blushing

We recognize our ability to annoy & harm others in the absence of self-awareness. The underlying questions behind a blush, such as “Does the person with whom I’m infatuated feel the same?” kindly consider the independence of others, & the profound reality of uncertainty.


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The Non-Blusher

The Non-Blusher

Perhaps the person who never blushes is worse-off: so certain of everything as to think and act arrogantly, with entitlement & a disregard for self-awareness— particularly of one’s own power to affect others through words and actions.


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Striking A Balance

Striking A Balance

You shouldn’t feel so fearful & unforgiving of yourself that your every word & action is up to your own critical scrutiny. Self-awareness pairs well with confidence— sociability with humbleness, & kindness with self-respect.


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The uncomfortable blood pressure spike & reddening of the face is perhaps not such a misfortune, after all.

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