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Mistake? Panic!

Mistake? Panic!

When— maybe after a pleasant stretch of self-compassion & confidence— we’ve realized our own faults & failures, the immediate response may be similarly directed doubts. Maybe we’re just generally wrong, overall inexcusable, or wholly idiotic. Worst of all, maybe we’re just a bad person.”


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Reassuring Acceptance

Reassuring Acceptance

But what if we instead told ourselves a different story? A small dose of self-pity can be sobering, considering life is a series of events that we’ve—for the most part— not chosen ourselves. How could we have known any better? No one seems to have all the answers— certainly not us— & living the unblemished life in a world of chaos isn’t easy.


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Two Stories

Two Stories

We can either choose the self-story which demands, “How could you be so stupid, you pathetic wretch?” Or the one which reassures, “To err is human, but to cling to our shame is unnecessary.”

Maybe this time we can try giving ourselves a break, instead of beating ourselves up.


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Philosophy + spirituality


Why we might benefit—in face of our shortcomings— from giving ourselves a break.

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