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This is why you always get sucked into office drama

This is why you always get sucked into office drama


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The Lure Of Office Drama

The sheer number of social media posts about the Will Smith-Chris Rock incident at the Oscars is proof that it’s hard to resist the attraction to drama—especially when it’s not happening to you. As companies start to return to the office and watercooler talk is easier to ...

A Natural Inclination Towards Gossip and Drama

We are social creatures who learn by comparing and contrasting ourselves with others. So when gossip and drama enter the scene and we are ‘invited’ to participate, our natural, biological inclination is to jump right into the toxicity because it affirms that we belong, and our perspective is valu...

The Bystander

Many people in the workplace—at every level of an organization—have brains that crave novelty, and the juicy intrigue of an office spat can deliver on that need. However, as a bystander to the drama and not the subject of it, they may believe they are going to be viewed by the decision-makers as ...

The Impact Of Office Drama

It may seem harmless on the surface, but office drama can have broader consequences. Drama can escalate to hurt people’s feelings and reputations, demotivate them, isolate them, and even take down a business.

So while it might start as a healthy breather, it would be more healthy to laugh 

Caught Up In The Drama: The Choice For Leaders

Leaders who are caught up in drama or any conflicted situation have four choices:

  • They can muster up the leadership courage to demand better behaviours from themselves and others.
  • They can learn to depersonalize the situation and live with the stress.
  • ...

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