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Why the Great Resignation is far from over

Why the Great Resignation is far from over



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The Job Climate: A Raincheck

Nearly a decade ago, most candidates applied to 70-80 jobs before finding themselves in a company,  It wasn’t for lack of skills or education, but rather the labour market was so tight people had to take what they could get.

Today, it’s a ...

Wave 1: Change By Force(2020 Onwards)

In America alone, there are 11 million vacant positions and only 6.5 million people to fill them. We’re in the middle of a talent crisis. Employees have unprecedented leverage, and the Great Resignation as we know it is just beginning. 

  • When the pandemic first hit,  mi...

Wave 2: Change By Choice(Mid 2022)

As the office seems safe for return, employers across the country call their people back. To be clear, there are no outside forces mandating us back—leadership is. 

Not surprisingly, there’s a mixture of reactions. Over the next couple of months, we’ll see even more people quit because they...

The Present Reality

Employees have the upper hand as companies are desperate for talent; so employees can pressure their bosses to allow flexibility.

Many companies are developing flexible systems and negotiable schedules for employees, including Wells Fargo, Ford, The Social Security Administration, and Micro...

The third wave gradually happens. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 26.4 million people in the U.S. moved in 2021. We’ll see A-players putting their foot down to stay remote. Employers won’t have a choice ...

Wave 4: Kicking the Can Down the Field (2023)

In reality, many companies are still tying the carrot-and-stick methodology instead of investing in solid cultures employees want to join. Instead, they try luring top talent by waving bonuses and extra cash. 

Those who forget to improve culture and workplace exper...

Workforce reconfiguration is not only overdue—but necessary for the workplace of the future. Imagine this: 100+ million people switching jobs working in an atmosphere lighting them up, coworkers they want to be around, and an environment encouraging their best work.

This Great Resignation ...

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