Navigating The “Great Resignation”: How To Retain Employees When No One Else Can - Deepstash
Navigating The “Great Resignation”: How To Retain Employees When No One Else Can

Navigating The “Great Resignation”: How To Retain Employees When No One Else Can

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Build A World-Class Company Culture

Your company’s culture plays a critical role in whether employees feel welcomed and valued by their company and peers. It also impacts employee morale and—inevitably—employee turnover.

Be on the lookout for classic signs of an unhealthy corporate culture, such as gossip, office politics, low morale, and poorly defined company values (or values that leadership fails to exemplify).


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Steps To Nurture A Healthier Workplace

  • Assess Your Current Company Culture. Take into consideration: Workplace diversity, professional development opportunities, employee morale, value alignment, employees’ opinions of leadership.
  • Identify Gaps You Can Fill To Improve Workplace Culture: Once you’ve gathered your data, take a hard look at the areas where your corporate culture falls short and identify how you might improve your culture based on your employees’ feedback.


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Use Purpose Archetypes To Understand What Drives Employees

McKinsey claims companies can categorize employees into three primary purpose archetypes: “Free Spirit,” “Achiever,” and “Caregiver.”

Each archetype has vastly different purpose activators (things that fulfill them) and purpose blockers (things that irritate them) within the workplace. By understanding which category employees most closely relate to, company leaders can gain a better sense of employees’ ideal communication methods, motivators, and fit for specific roles.


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Set Your Managers Up For Success

  • Coach managers on soft skills. While there are many soft skills that are valuable within the workplace, some of the most desirable soft skills for people in management roles include: empathy, adaptability, creativity, attention to detail.
  • Provide a roadmap for successful 1:1 communication. 1:1s are critical for strengthening the relationship between managers and their direct reports, but they can also be a source of anxiety—especially for new managers.
  • Provide managers with tools that simplify the management process, so managers can easily delegate tasks, get a bird’s-eye view of what everyone on the team is responsible for and track project statuses without the need for micromanaging.


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Outline Clearly Defined Paths For Growth

According to Work Institute’s 2021 Retention Report, lack of opportunity for growth was the top reason employees left their jobs. Growth opportunities show employees that they haven’t hit the ceiling in their careers. These opportunities encourage team members to work towards specific milestones and help them envision a future within the organization.

Unfortunately, many companies struggle to create and appropriately communicate the growth opportunities available to employees. Here’s how you can better approach growth within your organization.


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Embrace The New World Of Work-From-Home And Hybrid Teams

Regardless of company preference, remote work is here to stay. The ability to work remotely full-time (or in a hybrid situation) has quickly become a desirable perk for job hunters. 

On the flip side, businesses that only offer in-office jobs are facing employee turnover.


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