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One is not born at the top of the mountain, but climbs to it .Sometimes we climb it and sometimes we go backwards, but the main thing is to keep climbing and enjoy the road. Because the way is life itself.


Top 5 Motivation Hacks That Could Change Your Life

Top 5 Motivation Hacks That Could Change Your Life


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Top 5 Motivation Hacks That Could Change Your Life

Being unmotivated is not fun.

We know we have goals to achieve, it is important for us to achieve our goals and leave our mark on the world, but we fail to find the motivation needed to accomplish them.

If this...

1. Create momentum

The hardest part about motivating is pushing ourselves to just start. The thing is, once you start and get into a state of execution, things roll on from there. The second sentence we write will connect to the first sentence we wrote. The third sentence will connect well to the second sentence, a...

2. Connect to your why

There are many explanations for why. What lies behind the why can spur us to do whatever we want. Our why is the real reason why we do things.

Sometimes it is related to our fulfillment and sometimes it is related solely to our need to make a living (of course the ideal situation is a fulfi...

3. Go back to the future

If I told you that in a year you achieved your goals and became successful, how would you feel now? Would it help you find motivation to perform the tasks that will lead you there?

It is said that a picture is worth more than a thousand words, so if I were to show you a picture from your fu...

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