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Stressed by relaxing!


‘Stresslaxation’ is real. Science explains why it happens and how to get past it

‘Stresslaxation’ is real. Science explains why it happens and how to get past it



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Relaxation Causing Stress

Have you ever tried to relax, only to find yourself overwhelmed with feeling stressed and having negative thoughts? Turns out a lot of us experience this—which is why some have coined it “stresslaxing.”

Even though stresslaxation is a new term, it describes relaxation-induced anxiety, which...

Reason For Stresslaxation: you’re Denying You’re Stressed

Pretending that a problem doesn’t exist—also known as denial—is one of the least effective coping strategies for stress. In the case of stresslaxing, this might be denying you’re stressed to begin with.

Short periods of denial can actually help us adapt to change. For example, denial can he...

How To Fix Stresslaxation Denial

Acknowledge that the stress symptoms can be helpful. Your body is trying to alert you that a problem needs fixing, so it’s activating all its physiological resources to help you do this.

Write down your deepest thoughts and feelings associated with your stress

Reason For Stresslaxation: Worrying About Others

Most of us have something we’re passionate about—whether that’s our work or even a hobby. But the reason you’re motivated to do these things is important.

Some people pursue their passion because they want to—whether it’s to improve themselves or learn a new skill. But others may only pursu...

Reason For Stresslaxation: You Can’t Make up Your Mind

When making a decision, some people can’t help but explore all possible options available to them—known as maximizing thoughts. This can even happen when trying to pick something relaxing to do.

Even after picking something, you may instead think about the other options, wondering if somet...

How To Make Up Your Mind

Limit the number of decisions you need to make on the day you want to do something relaxing. Or even plan when you’re going to do something relaxing (such as watching a movie or meditating) and how long you’re going to do it for. This may make it easier to relax when the time com...

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