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Wake up to a happy home: how to design a feelgood house

Wake up to a happy home: how to design a feelgood house



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A mirror brightens every room

When you rethink a room, start with bringing natural light into darker spaces.

  • Placing mirrors close to windows at a perpendicular angle will reflect light deeper into a room while bringing a reflection of the outdoors inside.
  • Placing a mirror on the opposite wall creates the i...

The secret to a feel-good front room is always having a handy place to set your G&T down.

Invest in some additional side tables, which doubles as a place for books, bijoux objets d’art, an extra lamp or a handy spot for your own dedicated, mood-lifting minibar.

See what you are drawn to

You only need to tweak, rearrange or add a new addition to change your space.

With shelves, imagine you're creating a collection. Start with your most-loved item, then build from there, connecting through colour, textile or print.

Things don't need to be valuable. See what you're draw...

Box clever with better storage

Good storage makes working life more serene and seamlessly productive.

Instead of choosing bland or beige, choose something with a decorative flair.

Give your bathroom an upgrade

Scour Facebook Marketplace for small glass-fronted cabinets that you can tart up with some paint, and line the shelves with colourful wallpaper, or a bobbin-detail wooden shelf that can be wall-hung to display both unguents and ornaments.

 Invest in a portable light in a pretty colour so th...

  • Combine stones and essential oils to relax.
  • Give your hallway an easy refresh with a bright and breezy design that signals the fashionability of stripes.
  • Bedlinen could resemble the night sky with velvety comforters in midnight hues.
  • The bathroom is where most of us s...

Choose upbeat colours

Introduce more upbeat colours to your interiors along with colours that connect you directly to nature. 

  • Painting your windows in a colour like the lively yellow Babouche will create an instant impact.
  • Interior doors leading to an outside space work particularly well if painte...

Reflect how you want to feel

Smell is strongly tied to our emotions. Choose a scent to reflect how you want to feel in each room.

  • In the kitchen, fresh and light scents such as Ssage, Llemongrass or Eechinacea work well.
  • For bedrooms, hints of patchouli, amber or sandalwood are sexy and mysterious, and whe...

Make storage a display feature

Storage can be incorporated into your interior design.

  • Go for brightly coloured bookshelves to match upholstery and freestanding box shelves that help divide areas in a room.
  • Repurpose your old furniture into storage solutions.
  • Transform that old rustic wardrobe into a ...

Develop a tidying routine

Make time in your own schedule to tidy. Tidy up in one shot rather than little by little. Choose a designated home for each item and get in the habit of putting them back.

When you spring clean, always work from the top. Start with dry dust and cobwebs on the ceiling and work downwards. Set...

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