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How to Use Block Scheduling to Revamp Your Workflow

How to Use Block Scheduling to Revamp Your Workflow


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The block scheduling system

The block scheduling system is where you organize your day into activity blocks for broad goals (errands, chores, ideation) and specific tasks (answering emails, writing a one-off memo).

Block scheduling also offers the flexibility to swap blocks or rearrange them if tasks were completed so...

Consider if you can work in "day themes" that are broad in scope and require initiative and advance planning. Do you work better with detailed directives and play-by-play planning? Do you work better in the morning or the afternoon?

There are many block-scheduling methods. The most...

Time Blocking

Day theming is a less-focused approach to block scheduling, in which you dedicate a single day to one project or task. This is best used if you're juggling multiple projects or part-time jobs. Consider each day as a self-contained workflow.

For example,

  • ...

Task batching is helpful for tackling regular tasks.

Task batching is less specific and offers a time frame in which to handle specific tasks, such as an hour to answer emails, or half an hour to pay your bills or research the best vacation spot.

Time blocking and time boxing requires planning a specific goal, task, or deliverable around a single slot. For example, choosing to write for four hours each morning or setting aside two hours to complete a presentation.

If you have a 90-minute block for "second language study" but find it...

Plan Ahead, but Be Flexible

Set aside time to look ahead. Take an hour at the end of each week to plan ahead. Ensure to leave large blocks for reading and overflow from tasks that were interrupted by daycare issues or unexpected edits/fact-checks.

When you schedule with time blocks, intentionally schedule your work, b...

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