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Anxiety is upcoming as a major problem now a days. Every second person is facing such anxiety issues. So here are some steps to conquer your anxiety issues.


8 Ways to Conquer Social Anxiety at Work

8 Ways to Conquer Social Anxiety at Work



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Social Anxiety

 Social anxiety is the fear of social interaction or criticism from others, so if you're noticing yourself feeling anxious before, during, and after work and are struggling to keep up with your daily tasks, it's important to put your mental health at the top of your list.

Everyone suffers f...

1) Self Care

If you're feeling burdened by your workload and forgetting to put time into your self-care routine, there is an app to help.

Finch is a pet widget app that tracks your daily moods, asks you questions about your day, lets you journal ...

2) Physical Exercise

Physical exercise makes you feel good about yourself and can distract you from negative thinking or self-talk in the workplace. Not only will you release a lot of tension, but establishing a workout routine is a great balance with work activities.

Review your hourly activity, resting heart ...

3) Better Sleep

Chaotic bedtimes will contribute to anxiety in the working environment, so sleeping schedule needs to be kept in check especially if you work longer than 8 hours a day. Lack of sleep can lead to frustration and being unable to focus.

There are various apps that guarantees to relax your bo...

4) Join a Community

Nowadays, the online space is part of people's lives more than ever before, and joining an online community of like-minded people on the internet can help with those feelings of self-criticism and doubt at work.

Having discussions with people who have similar struggles in the workplace can...

5) Schedule your Week

Decide on what tasks you need to be complete each week, then create a series of blocks throughout the day to divide them.

Having a clear idea of when you should complete things will give you that sense of clarity, lessening your feelings of anxiety.

6) Putting thoughts on paper

Write down your thoughts throughout the day, ideally the way you're feeling at work, and keep track of your behavioral patterns.

What are your triggers? What negative thoughts are contributing to your anxiety? Who is part of your support network at work? and so on.

Asking yourself th...

7) Focus on Passion

Anxiousness about work may lead you to doubt your abilities, but there are many ways for you to polish your existing skills and overcome that. Focus on confidence and self-improvement with the help of various courses available online .

This way, you won...

8) Communication Strategies

Anxiety can make some people worry about the way they sound to others, and if you're a fresh university graduate with a job, you might be feeling anxious about the way you communicate at work.

When you communicate effectively, the other person understands the message completely, avoiding m...

Seizing Social Anxiety

 Anxiety needs to be talked about in any field of work you're involved in. Always try to communicate your concerns with your manager, assistant manager, or somebody you trust, especially if it impacts your overall ability to work.

No matter what you're feeling, there is always support avail...

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